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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What Do You See?

A friend of mine, Deanne, mistakenly put this up on her blog.  Apparently, she saves pictures to use later on her blog like most of us.

Deanne's blog is very inspirational.  When I first read her latest post, I had to reread it because I just couldn't for the life of me figure out what a dog's ass had to do with her post.  After looking at it for awhile, I saw the Jesus image.  When I commented on her blog to tell her (and giggle), the poor lady was mortified.  She meant to put up the typical Jesus image, like this:

What did you see??

I originally saw a dog's ass.  She saw Jesus.  Do Christians see Jesus and non-believers see an ass?  That is the debate.  Is it because certain people see Jesus in everything like pancakes, candy bars, chocolate milk, etc?

Please let me know what your thoughts were.  Also, if you don't mind disclosing the information, let me know what your faith is (if any).

I look forward to the responses.


  1. LMAO...I got the best giggle out of this once again... I think we see what we want to see because when I first looked at that I didn't see a dog at all I saw Jesus....Can I get an Amen!....Amen! This one will go down in blog history! The chocolate milk looks pretty good. I am telling you we can get a lot of money for that dog on : )

  2. Muslims and yes, i saw a Dog in that pic.

    It interesting how the way we perceive things say so much about us.

  3. At first I saw nothing but an out of focus blob. But then...When you said "a dog's ass", I saw a dog's ass. When you said, "Jesus", I saw Jesus, clear as day. I guess I'm ridiculously susceptible to the power of suggestion and ripe for cult indoctrination.

  4. I'm a staunch Christian but I definitely saw a doggie butt! :))

  5. Dog Ass. =]

    and i'm agnostic, i go where the proof is

  6. I saw a dog's ass. Then I saw Jesus. I'm a druid...well, that's what I tell people when they come to my door trying to sell me on whatever their faith is. Do I cavort naked around the forest and that sort of thing? Well, I let people's imaginations run wild on that one. ;D

    So, what does this all mean?

  7. I actually saw the pic of Jesus. And I had to figure out what I WAS supposed to be seeing. I'm Christian - Pentecostal to be exact and I found the photo funny. Sometimes we have to see the humor in things to get through our days. I like the different answers though.

  8. @N. Nicholes. I am glad someone other than me saw Jesus...LOL Thanks Ashley for immortalizing me in a dogs butt! This gives me a giggle every time I think of it so glad we could share this. Jesus had a good sense of humor!

  9. HAHAH OK I seen a dogs ass and it took me a moment to see Jesus. Then in the pancack bob marley, then the candy bar is the transformer guy bumble bee then the 3rd one looked like Charles Mansan. I'm pagan so that could be why I seen everyone but jesus. haha oh well great read..

  10. I just can't stop giggling.. i just can't! Thanks!

  11. That is funny! I must admit I saw a doggy butt even though I am a follower of Christ! My husband (a youth pastor) saw a doggy butt as well.

    Oh and the chocolate milk is just freaky... totally looks like Charles Manson.

    BTW I am a Christian. I am a former atheist.

  12. I saw the dog booty--and then I saw Jesus.

    haha hilarious!

    I'm a Christian.

  13. Catholic.

    I saw a Blondie, a brownie with vanilla ice cream and cool whip topping, but I have been known to see my own reflection in a mirror, and being a staunch vampire I am beginning to doubt both my vampire skills and my ability to turn into a bat.

    The problem I have with the J.C. is having him appear in the most retarded fucking situations. Don't appear in front of me for a chat my lord, instead, why not fuck with my mind over breakfast or during snack time at the vending machine. Furthermore, what did my pure breed roxy do to deserve your image in his ass??? Why not part just right in my hair when I brush it? Or better still, why not hand me the winning numbers to the lottery with a quick message in my milk toast, something like, "6, 15, 34, 43,22 powerball 7" Signed, Jesus.

    That would be pretty convincing.

  14. Hi! Your blog was recently tagged during Blog-A-Licious Wednesdays. Keep your great posts coming!
    Cheers - Dora

  15. haa ha I just read this and I must say I saw a dog's ass, then kept reading and I couldn't see anything else other than Jesus! it sure is hilaious!

  16. lol I'm not religious but I saw "jesus" but I couldn't find it in the chocolate


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