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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Know It's Time To Blog When...

Do you know how long it has been since I posted here?  Try all summer long.  I know many of you are blaming my children and have probably plotted having them kidnapped.  Believe me it wasn't just having them home for the summer that made blogging difficult.  I have taking on a mission to keep myself busy during my husband's absence.  Here are a few things that I did and/or currently doing:
  • I located a house I liked and got my husband's stamp of approval via email.  With my power of attorney in hand, I closed on the house.  So, now when I fill out surveys I get to check "own home" instead of "rent".  That's bad ass! 

  • The kids are doing all sorts of activities in addition to scouts.  The boy is enrolled in both gymnastics and kung fu.  His dream of being a professional wrestler is at his fingertips.  My girl child is doing gymnastics and we are getting ready to sign her up for horseback riding as well.
    • I have joined a gym.  It is time to get my fat ass moving.  My husband is out there getting his desert sexy on, making me look bad.  We can't have that now, can we?
    This is just scratching the surface.  I have learned from previous deployments that too much downtime leads to depression.  I have decided instead to keep busy and just embrace my anxiety.

    The house alone is keeping me busy.  Since we have moved out to the country, I can read my zombie books in peace knowing that the country folks usually live longer for the simple fact that there are less people to turn into zombies.  See?  Living 30 minutes from the nearest Wal-Mart is a good thing.  Now if we have an outbreak of zombie cows, I'm screwed.
    Deviant Art

    In the meantime, I'm trying to get into a groove of blogging again and I'm sure I will attain one soon.  After all, the children are back in school but I had to spend the first weeks running around the house naked waving my freedom flag.  It was glorious.

    Don't worry though.  I will be back again soon.  I knew it was time to blog again when I started dreaming about it.  Of course, in my dream my ramblings were much more entertaining...and I was skinnier.


    1. ...and you had a chaingun.

      That is one bad ass cow.

      "exercise is the devil." It's about time someone said it.

      Welcome back!!!!

    2. It was 106 days between posts here, Asha. 106 days of thousands of your fans lamenting the absence of their spiritual unleader. It was a very trying time, but we managed somehow.

    3. No way, Bryan, a ray gun like the one from Mars Attacks.
      @Doug At first I thought you were good at math but then I read the extreme follower exaggeration.

    4. I would never have plotted the kidnapping of your children. (Seriously. I don't like kids. I'd be stuck with them once I took them and then since I took them they'd probably go out of their way to make me miserable and nobody would win because you'd spend all of your time looking for you kids instead of blogging. And I'd go to jail.) I did plot stealing your red shoes in a blatant comic on FARNC so that you'd have to respond.

      Can't really say much, though. My blogging has seriously gone down since they changed up my days. Glad to see you back.

      Zombies don't eat cows, though. Right? Just people?

    5. Well, I was just guessing about the number of followers. It really was 106 days, though.

      I've had dreams about blogging and bloggers twice. Once I met the guy from undermyfitted, and he turned out to really be the gay assistant from Ugly Betty. The other one involved you, Chanel, and an old high school friend on a trivia game show. I don't remember the details, but there were red shoes involved.

      I take blogging dreams as a sign I am doing too much blogging.

    6. @Chanel I would think zombies (hypothetically) would eat any sort of flesh but only have the capability to "turn" a human.
      @Doug shoes! You guys are in for a treat. I got MORE shoes. Pictures coming soon. ;)

    7. 106 days? Man that is a long time without rambling. Surely you rambled on in some other forum. Good to see you back at it. I have had a few dreams about least I think they were dreams...

    8. Ummm...holy shit! Are you serious? You're back? Really? Yeah...I didn't think so. You are a figment of my imagination aren't you? =-p

    9. @Asha,
      Welcome back! Me: I concentrate on quality over quantity, and I always enjoy your entries, so don't fret over how long it takes to post one. Life is the priority.

    10. I need to move to the country...zombie cows! Hadn't even thought of them!
      Found you via the terrific thursday blog hop!

    11. Hey Asha, are you still running around naked with the freedom flag, or have the zombie cows invaded your new home? By the way, that is a nice house!


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