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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Blog By Any Other Name

Ok.  This will be brief and it's mainly for my followers out there so they are aware of what's going on.  In case, you haven't noticed I changed the title of my blog.  I did it for a few reasons.  The first being apparently I'm not the only one out their in cyber space that has a the EXACT same title.  Of course, my blog is better but I don't want anyone to be confused.  The second is lately anytime I shamelessly plug myself anywhere be it on a blog hop or a blog sharing site, I've used the phrase "Random Ramblings of an Agnostic Mom" to give a description of the madness that ensues on your computer screen when you swing on by.  My Life. My Words is officially now Random Ramblings of an Agnostic Mom.  Please me make a mental note of it so you don't mistakenly unfollow me.

Also I wanted to dish out a couple of kick ass blog awards to a few folks.  So I may as well take care of that today too.

First off, Kamilla at Basket of Dreams is such a kind person.  She's one of those people that never seem to have anything negative to say about anyone.  So for being so sweet you give me a toothache, I present to you, Kamilla the following award.

The next award goes to Tricia at Confessions of a Recovering Cynic for still being awesome even though she isn't pissed off and gripy like an onery old man anymore since she is getting laid.  So congratulations to Tricia mostly for being able to save money on batteries.  Here's your award:

Another award must go to Jill over at In Bed With Married Women.  Jill's stories of sexual discoveries always humor me whether it's posts about sex robots or mammoth dildos.  So, dear Jill, here is an award for you.

This next award is for an old friend that always has a tendency to leave me hungry after I check out her blog.  Of course, her blog isn't all about food but that fiesty latina sure knows how to cook!  So this blog award is for Doris over at Sprinkles of My Life.

The last award I want to dish out is for Bryan over at nuclearheadache who's blog recently turned 50...fifty posts that is.  I enjoy th variety of topics he blogs about every couple of days.  Sometimes he has me spitting soda onto my computer.  Other times he causes me to down a bottle of rum and pop a handful of vicodin to make my brain stop throbbing while he continues his quest to understand relativity.  So here it is without further ado, Bryan'a award.

So that's it for now guys.  Don't worry though.  Like I said in the previous post I have a few things I'm brainstorming now.  Keep your eyeballs open and be sure to visit the blogs I mentioned since, you know, I declared them cool and all.


  1. OMG I laughed my butt off at the Old Spice guy!! Too funny!

  2. I saw this come up and I'm like, "When did I follow this?" Then I clicked on it and I was like, "I've seen this same layout before." Finally, it all dawned on me at some point. Not one of my brighter moments. Great new title though.

    Thanks for the award.

  3. Oh and I forgot. That picture for that 3rd award...

  4. @Cos..."it's two tickets to that thing you like"

    @Bryan Thanks and your welcome. And that hot little number is me bringing sexy back. I'm such a messy eater I just said fuck the clothes. LMAO!!

  5. LMAO!!! New follower via FB(sent you a request) & GFC from the Busy Blogger Weekend Hop~Shari

  6. Weeeeehh! ASHA!! I didn't expect this to come... well! I will gratefully receive my sweet award!! It looks good!!!

    Congratulations to everyone whoe receive a different and unique award from Asha!!!

    I'll go visit them too!!

  7. You're a trip. Following you back from the hops. I'd love to get an award . . . some day . . . LOL
    Debbie from

  8. Hi there.
    Stopping by via the Sunday Hop to say hello and follow.
    Have a great day!


  10. No award? I feel like an Inception at this mini theater of Oscars. Makes sense why I was not able to find you recently. I need to look into how to make these idea is spawning...

  11. Aww...don't worry. I have one in mind for you. I just haven't found the right stolen picture to express it.

  12. These award pictures are a riot! :)

    Thanks so much for dropping by the Be-Bop-A Blog Hop! I'm a follower and I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great day! :)

  13. i just realized i never thanked you for this. and where did you find that picture of me? i thought i burned all those nude eating photos. crud!



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