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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Very First Fantastic Friday Five

It’s time for an update for all of you out there that actually give a shit. I’ve decided Friday is always a good day for that aka a good day for some filler. So here it is my Fantastic Friday Five for your reading pleasure. Enjoy…or not.

1.) We are officially no longer indebted to the U.S. treasury. The husband does not have a default army re-enlistment bonus hovering in his credit report. Happy dance! Now I can start paying off the truck.

2.) The first born is improving in school. It’s about damn time too! He’s driving me crazy being punished. I don’t know who suffers more, me or him. Progress reports will be coming home next week. According to his teacher he has an A in English and Science and a C in Math, Reading, and Social Studies.
If he keeps this up, I’ll have to fork out the retarded amount of money as promised for Space Camp. He needs to finish the school year with an A in Science and at least a B in everything else.

3.) My fat ass is trying to get in shape. I’ve taken on Atkins again…only because it allows me to see results from the start. Results keep me focused and I normally lack focus. I also am in the routine of doing the Wii Fit each day and walking on the treadmill. I am kicking ass (basically my own) on the Wii Fit. I am the queen of the hula hoops.
My husband said, “Well, you did always know how to work your hips.” To which I responded, “When you got an ass this big, you kind of have no choice!”

4.) My husband gave me an early Valentine’s Day gift. It’s a pearl ring to go with my other pearl jewelry. It’s fantastic!
5.) Lastly, Doug over at I Like Cheese has decided that my blog does not suck and has given me an award to prove it. Be sure to pay him a visit and make sure you let him know that you don’t think I suck either.
Well, friends, that about wraps it up for this first installment of my Fantastic Friday Five. Feel free to do your own. I’m not stingy. You don’t even have to link back to me.

Stay tuned for zombie dreams, death, phone harassment, and adventures in scouting all coming soon.


  1. Simplicity taken to a ridiculous extreme seems to be Doug's M.O., doesn't it?

  2. Yes, and that's what makes him fun! ;)

  3. Zombie dreams?? We like zombies...LOL

    GFC following *heavensent1* from the Freakin' Friday Blog Hop...ifn you have a moment, please stop by Mad Moose Mama ~ ~ and have yourself a look around~!! Have a groovy day...peaces...xoxo

  4. Hey - he's right, your blog doesn't suck! I love the ring 'cause the pearl reminds me of a ring my Mom once gave me - awww. As for shelling out the cash for camp - good luck to your son - get that withdraw slip ready 'cause no kid would pass up space camp!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

  5. YAY for getting out of debt and beautiful ring!!
    New follower from weekend hope:


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