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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guess Who's Back?

I'M BAAAAACK!! Well, technically I didn't go anywhere but I know I was missed.

The surprise was successful. I managed to keep the secret of my husband’s return from the children. The airlines almost screwed everything up with their constant delays. He was supposed to arrive around 7pm but ended up not arriving until around 9pm.
Luckily, my friend agreed to keep the kids for me anyway even though it was a Sunday night. Being that it was dark outside, the scavenger hunt had to be slightly revamped so that I could film it.
My old camera was all jacked up. The battery was going bad and the charger jack was loose which also prevented the battery to get charged properly. So I managed to record the scavenger hunt but it is in choppy little video snippets. I don’t own a program to combine them all so you get what I give you.
Part I: The kids are crazy excited to receive their first clue.

Part II: They were so excited. They couldn’t even read the clues correctly. I’m surprised they knew what the hell they were even looking for in the first place.

Part III: The fighting begins in a playful sort of way. I enjoy watching the wheels in my children’s heads turn as they try to figure the clue out.

Part IV: Wicker to Wimpy…they’ve got this!

Part V: I sound like my mom. Now the real FUN begins, followed by my daughter’s meltdown. Oh boy! Also, Gabe let’s one rip in my bedroom. Again, in all the excitement they can’t even read.

Part VI: Finally, the kids made it outside to their surprise that was shivering out in the garage. My daughter wanted to know if this was all a dream. My son begins to put the pieces together.

I know this post is mostly videos but I’ll update again soon with more photos and details about the lovely visit I had while my husband was back for two weeks. Come on, October!!! Whoo!

Also, one more thing...

It has been suggested to me that since I like to post pictures of my meals on Facebook for all to drool over that I should share the recipes with the rest of the class.  So, taking head to that suggestion I have began this blog for your reading pleasure.  You may want to eat first before you look at it as it tends to make mouths water and stomachs growl.  Pictures of my food have also been known to make people gain weight from the mere sight of them.  Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. Very nice :) No sarcastic comments. That was pretty cool.

  2. "Parenting for Dummies" You have the most entertaining labels. Welcome back.

  3. @Doug What? None? I feel cheated.
    @Bryan Why, thank you, sir.

  4. I got a little teary eyed...

    Alright, tears fell. That was just as awesome as I thought it was going to be!

    And my mom used to call us titty babies, too, when we cried. Must be a mom thing...

    Congrats on your returned husband! Tell us what he thinks of your shoes.

  5. I was in tears by part 3! Good for you for holding it together through the whole thing. After clue #2 I totally would have been like, "Can't stand it, Daddy's in the garage!"
    Now to build you a time machine so you can fast forward to October!!

  6. @Tittybaby...I mean, Chanel He loved the shoes! He was a big fan of the red ones. BIG FAN!
    @Rancher Mom Hell yeah! I'll take your time machine.

  7. Awww! Asha...that was awesome! I've been waiting for that forever! =) And my, my, my...the man...nice choice! *wink* Love the kids, and the reunion...and the connection between dad and son...*fans eyeballs* bawling!

    Love you bunches! Come ON October!!!! =) Are we getting more shoes for October?? =) Welcome back!! xo

  8. @Jewell Damn right! There WILL be shoes.


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