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Friday, May 6, 2011

Fantastic Friday Five #11

It’s Friday! Friday! And just so we are clear, Saturday, Saturday is tomorrow and Sunday comes after. Days of the week provided to you by Rebecca Black. “We so excited!” Here’s another Fantastic Friday Five to celebrate this glorious day.

1.) It is official! Both kids are registered for their choice of summer camp. The girl will be attending Girl Scout camp for a week and the boy will be off to NASA’s Space Camp. He’s wanted to go ever since we visited back in October when we took the infamous bus excursion.

2.) Today I attended an assembly at the children’s school. The school earned the Great Expectations Model School Award. I found out that not only are they one of 70 schools in the nation that received this award but this is also the fifth year in a row that they have been presented with it. Oklahoma state representative, Ann Coody, attended to congratulate the students, teachers, and staff.

Hooray for educational funding!!

3.) I got a text this morning from my husband letting me know he is thinking about quitting his job and coming back home. Apparently, they think he’s Superman. I had to remind him that he is.
What seems to be happening is that in his awesomeness, he has showed his higher ups that he is capable of doing the job of three people. So, as most companies would have it they would love for you to do the work of three and be paid for one. He said at every other FOB there are three guys doing what he’s doing. I’m feeling mixed about the thought of him coming home so soon. On one hand I want him to be happy and I’d love for him to be home with us again. On the other hand though, the thought of him coming back to no job scares the hell out of me. I’ve been so focused on paying off debt that I haven’t set anything aside. We do have his 401K to fall back on but it will only last a few months at the most. Deeeeeep breaths…or Xanax…maybe both.

4.) I discovered this week that I SUCK at making meatloaf. Every single time I attempt it I fuck it up. Awhile back when I made it, the meat was still raw in the inside. Yuck! This time I added either too much liquid or not enough bread crumbs and it came out looking like something you’d dump out of a dog food can…just with chopped bell peppers in it.   I tried to fool my kids into thinking it was something good by pairing it with loaded baked potatoes and seasoned broccoli but there was no fooling them.
I suppose we are all entitled to a screw up from time to time. It’s just that cooking is a necessary hobby and I pride myself on getting it right. For things I don’t suck at making, look here.

5.) Knock, knock. Who’s there?
Why, it’s another Jehovah’s Witness at my door to give me this.
Apparently, these people have the answers to our most pressing question AND it’s free. Oh happy day! I wonder if it is BYOB or if there is an open bar. Can anyone explain to me what the picto-diagram of the statue on the reverse side even means?
Or do I need to attend the super FREE convention to find out the mystery??

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there reading.
To you menfolk, please don’t forget to wish the mamas in your life a super mother’s day as well. Remember it’s the thought that counts…that is, unless your wife is an evil bitch. In that case, you better either file for divorce or buy her something shiny. Depending on the extent of her evilness, a blood sacrifice may be in order as well. I hope you can find a virgin.


  1. Ooooh, I've got this one. That's the statue from Nebuchadnezzar's dream that Daniel Interpreted in The Bible. The statue was made from various metals, gold, silver, bronze, iron, ect. from the head down. According to Daniel, each different section of the statue and the material it was made from represented a different empire that would rule the Earth, Babylon, Greece, Rome, ect. It was the future of world history represented in a statue. The feet, made of a mixture of iron and clay, symbolizing imperfection or instability, are believed by some religious people (at least the one's I knew as a kid) to represent a divided Europe of perhaps the "Holy Roman Empire" of the Catholic church, or apparently, by the JW's as Britain and the U.S. Anyway, the dream ends with God's kingdom represented by a stone smashing the feet of the statue and causing it to topple to the ground, which would be one of the first references in The Bible to the idea of the 2nd coming and the apocalypse.

    That's a quick explanation. If it's a confusing mess, feel free to Google "Nebuchadnezzar's Statue Dream" I'm sure someone can explain it better.

    I had other things to say about your post, but then you threw this tantalizing query in my path and I got distracted. Now I forget. I know there was something about wishing you didn't post a picture of your meat loaf.

  2. I see your boy is playing a blue recorder. I personally prefer the bubblegum pink translucent recorder, but I can see how a boy might prefer a blue one.

    I have this theory about meatloaf. But since you're trying to make it I obviously can't share it with you because you don't share my feelings. But I CAN say that I just don't like meatloaf. Even with loaded potatoes and broccoli.

    I thought your husband was military for some reason...but if he can just quit his job I guess he's NOT military....

    I don't answer my door when there are strangers on the other side. Preachy people are just one reason I don't.

  3. I saw Superdad's comment on FB. I laughed. I do the same thing to Mrs. Cheese.

    "But we talked about this last week, Doug!"

    "Yeah, but have you seen the bank account lately?"

    It's a guy thing.

  4. Well, isn't Bryan Mr. Smarty Pants today.

  5. @Bryan See? I knew one of you genuises would know what was up.
    @Chanel He wasn't able to pick a color. He would have chosen green...the darker the better.
    My husband is a contractor so he's over there by "choice".
    @Doug My hubby has a lot of time on his hands for "thinking"...I'll leave it at that.
    As for Bryan, what do you mean "today"??

  6. Asha...well I can't say as I blame hubby overly much. Contracting for the government can be trying on the good days. I have the almost broken toe to prove it for all the times I kick something around the house.

    More importantly though...I wanted to take a chance to say Happy Happy Mom's Day! xo

  7. First off that song is the most ridiculous song...Why didn't I think of this as it is the most downloaded song on itunes, surpassing Justin Bieber. Ugh!!!!

    Second, I hope everything works out for your husband. Sounds like it is time to open his mouth. Gotta say something to the bosses!

    Third, the meatloaf fiasco is something I am all to familiar with. I use Martha Stewart's moms recipe now and it comes out great every time. I googled it one day when I heard someone mention it. It was passed down to her and is easy to find.

    Fourth Bryan has way to much info in his head

    Fifth, tell the Jehovah's witnesses the same thing a friend did. they were talking to her about Satan and she said if you wait another 15 minutes or so Satan will be getting off the bus soon. Hence, her teen age son. Needless to say they decided to leave...LOL Love that one!

    And last but not least a Happy Mother's Day to you too. Hope it was a great one!

  8. *throws a pillow at you*

    Surprise waiting for you! =) *evil grin* You need to come out of hiding! =)

  9. What kind of establishment is running that music program?

    We offer children the same model of Yamaha recorder for school in four different colors: Ivory (boring), Cotton Candy Blue (it's actually darker than it sounds, and very close to sapphire), Apple Green (It's actually emerald), and Bubblegum Pink (which is actually red but obviously the people at Yamaha don't know their colors very well.)

    Why did they all have to have the same color? What about expressing individuality and picking the color that makes you happy? How can you expect children to love music if you don't give them any choices!

  10. Loved the Bizarro cartoon. BTW congrats on your award from Jewel.

  11. The other subjects aside, I just have to say that girl has just about the most annoying singing voice I have ever heard. Yeah. And that whole thing about standing up in the back seat of a convertible going down the freeway... Nice. Why not just ride on the hood and save us a whole lot of annoyance later?

  12. Not an award, but a post just for you. Because I love you. And that is good. I even gave it a prelude on the facebook page to get you all excited about it. Hope you are safe with the strobing effects outside.

  13. Aw, Scott loves you. Maybe he is going through RRoaAM withdrawal. Hint. Hint.

    Whatever is hapenning in your real life is not as important as blogging. Geez, Asha, get your priorities in order.


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