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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whipping Out The Big Guns

I'll make this brief.  I am in a contest...a battle of kitchens, if you will.  I'm neck and neck with another contestant battling for first place.  I NEED your votes.  Whip out your pcs, your smartphones, Ipads, ANYTHING that has interent access and vote for my Yummy Banana Cake.

I do not lose gracefully, people.  I'm a sort of a sore loser.

Also, bambi eyes...
How can you say no?  You can't.  If you can, it means you are a cruel jerk that kicks kittens and puppies, slaps babies, and punches old people.  I'm just saying!

So, to prove to everyone you aren't a big meanie pants please visit Big K Little a and vote.  The poll is located on the left hand side of the page.  Please cast your vote for my Yummy Banana Cake.  When I win, I will give all of my supporters a slice.


  1. Okay. Okay. I voted for it. I'm going on blind faith that it taste delicious (even though I'm not a big fans of bananas in stuff, although I did love those Elvis Reece Cups. Man, I wish they would brings those back. Where was I? Oh yeah.) It looks like your neck and neck with the "Italian Cavatini." I could pretend to be that lady's neighbor and tell everybody that she secretly pees in her food, if you like.

  2. I would have voted without the big cat eyes. They almost did me in.

  3. okay FINE. that other person won't have a chance. going to vote now...

  4. I voted on EVERYTHING.

    That's all I got. I can't do anything more. But I told my friends to vote, too. So maybe they will?

  5. Ok...I voted! Are we able to vote multiple days or anything? I'll load you up with votes in exchange for you to mail us a loaf!! How bad do you want my votes?? Huh? Huh? Huh? *evil grin*

  6. Sounds good to me. I love banana cake! Good luck. This is my first visit, I'll check back to see how you did ...and how to get my slice. LOL

    Good luck

  7. You can count on my vote! Just post a picture of this cake later so I can at least lick the screen till I get over a thousand volts running through my system!

  8. Am your newest follower from the hop,hope you visit me back and i look forward in being part of your blog.check out my current giveaway i bet your kids will really love it.Thanks.

  9. Did you win? I went back to check but the poll was gone.

  10. Oh, I looked and looked and there was no poll left to vote on. I considered all options and would have voted for you simply based on the fact that I am a vegetarian and I really wanted a piece of that cake! I can't believe that most entries were all soo .. Meaty!
    Well i hope You won.
    I found you on Aquarian's Spring Blog Hop, and really enjoyed your blog. Will follow and read.
    If you have a chance, you could check out my blog:
    It's about my boxer canine child and jewelry I make.
    Thanks a bunch, and I really hope You won. Still thinking about the banana cake.
    Ps: The Bambi eyes got me. We have a kitty called Butters who looks just like that, and ever since Shrek, when I imagine what he would sound like as a human, I imagine Antonio Banderas.:))

  11. See, you ask to have votes and then you go away into obscurity again. Very random agnostic mom...very random indeed.


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