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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Sympathy For A Child Killer

Just a brief update here…

After months of nothing about the death of my ten year old son’s friend’s murder other than this, it has finally been made know that Lancey Ray, this man,
will finally stand trial facing first degree murder charges for the death of his stepson, Malik Ray, from December 23, 2011. It is believed that the ten year old child went into shock and then cardiac arrest after being beaten with a belt and a cutting board.  The brief article can be read here .

Words can never express how this event has infuriated me. The impact on my son can be found here. I do not choose to describe it again. My only wish is that the loss of Malik finds justice.


  1. There's a family down the street that Miss a used to play with. She came home crying one day because the littlest daughter, who is about 7, got mad and told a she was going to beat her with a wire hanger and a belt. I, of course, immediately thought "Wonder where the girl picked up THAT!"

    I wrestled with what to do for weeks, and finally told the social worker at their school. She said she'd look into it, but I learned nothing else.

    This is one of those things that I've never understood, and have understood less after I had a. I mean, there are times that I lose my temper and snap at her, but even then that small voice says "Calm down, you're not doing right." How can someone do something like that?!?

    When you read this, and read my next post, keep in mind....same family.


  2. @K If you read the original post, I never met the child. I'd like to say that I'd be a person that wouldn't have turned a blind eye to the abuse. I just hope that whoever caused this awful crime is tried accordingly!

  3. A cutting board!? What the hell is wrong with people?

    And the thing about the popcorn in the other post...that's just heartbreaking.

  4. Some people should not have children...or be near anyone else's. EVER.

  5. I second Bryan on that. A CUTTING BOARD? What, the belt wasn't bad enough?

    What the HELL is wrong with people?

    And why has his trial been put off so long? It's not like the longer they wait, the less angry the jury will become. He BEAT a child to death with a cutting board and a belt.

    I may lack a lot of maternal instincts, and I may have a distaste for badly behaved children in general. But I know that it's WRONG to kill children, especially the ones that depend on you for love and protection. And it may sound really awful, but I think it would be just desserts if he was beaten to death with a belt and cutting board.

    Just saying.

  6. It is my belief as well that when there is a crime against a child, society SHOULD go Old Testament on their ass. I say lock him in the school gym with a group of angry mothers. I volunteer to lead the lynch mob! Let me just go grab my pitchfork out the shed.

  7. This story is so sad...No child deserves to go through that...What a sick sick man....

  8. This might be an inappropriate place to leave this, but I've given you an award:

  9. I can't imagine the devastating effect that the loss of a child to murder would have. Nonetheless, I oppose the death penalty. For one thing, too many folks on death row have later been found to be innocent. For another, the alternative of life without parole is less expensive by far - proven by several studies.

    I write to inmates to share my faith with them - my way of "visiting the prisoner". The life of a death row inmate is miserable indeed. And it should be - I'm not advocating a cushy life for them. But being shut up 23 hours a day in a small cell gives them lots of time to think about what they've done and to develop remorse. The death penalty could actually be viewed as an easy out from a lifetime of misery. Which is more humane?

    One thing for sure - if indeed we later find out that a mistake was made and an innocent person has been executed, how do we repair the damage done? There is no way to do so.

    On the sidebar of my blog is a section called "Favorite Posts". There's a link there for the first in a week-long series on the death penalty, viewed from some angles you may not have thought of. Please read it, mull over it, and see if your viewpoint on capital punishment hasn't shifted just a bit.

    As for the man who killed this child, I hope he never steps out of prison.

  10. @Katie I'm not very fond of him either.
    @Bryan You're talking to Miss Inappropriate here. Thanks for my award.
    @NC I can care less if these criminals ever feel remorse. The truth of the matter is they are a plight on society and should be eliminated. Ragardless of what talents they have to offer, thier cancer is too great.

  11. Stories like this rip out my heart. And I, like NC Sue, am also against the death penalty. Not that I am against justice... I think that someone who takes the life of another person absolutely must face consequences, but for a variety of reasons, I do oppose the death penalty.

    It also hurts my heart that your child has to learn about this sort of evil in the world at such a young age. It makes me think that there are so many ripples of actions. When someone decides to take the life of another person, he hurts so many. Of course family of that victim, but also an entire community. Child Abuse must stop.

    p.s. Found you through Acting Balanced's Thirsty for Comments.

  12. WOW! As an adult survivor of child abuse, I find myself appalled at this story. I have chosen to forgive my abuser though he still denies doing anything to me. This boy was never given the option! I hope that justice prevails in this case!
    Visiting from Thirsty for Comments

  13. I'm so fucking behind on all of my reading, but I am so happy to hear that FINALLY a judgement day of one kind or another is coming for this fucker! Reading this made my day!

  14. I'm just gonna throw this out there...I oppose sick assholes murdering children...Children who have no defense...This man didn't care about his inhumane actions...So if his sentence is death...I won't loose a wink of sleep...

  15. I used to know this boy when he lived in Ft. Knox. He was so smart and lively, I can not BELIEVE that whipping started over something as horrid as not wanting his lunch. Malik was in the Gifted Program. He would've had a bright future ahead of him.....


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