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Friday, April 1, 2011

Fantastic Friday Five #7

Wow! I know this is a very late Fantastic Friday Five post but this week has been pretty boring with the exception of two sick kids. Forgive the briefness.

1.) My daughter came home from school on Wednesday burning up with fever and complaining that her stomach hurt. She stayed home Thursday and felt better by lunchtime (just my luck). Today I get a phone call while I’m running errands that my son is not feeling well. I end up having to go pick him up from his field trip. You KNOW a kid is sick when they want you to pick them up from a field trip. He felt better within a couple of hours and has been driving me crazy ever since. All I can say is at least I didn’t have to clean up any barf. Knock on wood.
2.) More kid news…my daughter managed to reach her Girl Scout cookie goal. She sold a whopping 600 boxes of cookies. She’s getting a butt load of patches and she earned enough cookie dough (money that can be spent at the scout store) to buy herself some nice scouting things. I also don’t have to pay for her registration next year since she sold so many cookies. I am so proud of her. Now if only I can get my son to get his shit together so he can earn his Webelos patch for Cub Scouts.
3.) Some things in life are ass backwards. For instance, my husband had his leave but he could not turn in any of his expenses until after he made it back to Afghanistan even though he had to reserve plane tickets and such over a month in advance. However, the company credit card doesn’t wait to send its bill for over almost 3K which is required to be paid in full. I said screw it. I wasn’t about to dip into my personal funds to pay that. So I called the company and told them I would pay it when the employer reimbursed us which should be mid-month. Also, it burns me that we are middle men. The employer REQUIRES you get the company credit card. I don’t understand why they just don’t pay it instead of sending the money to us and then making us pay it.
4.) I’m taking the kids to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Roderick Rules. My son is a big fan of the books. In my opinion, the books are very cleverly written. The pictures give it a comic book feel which in turn makes my son think he isn’t really reading. Shhh! Don’t tell him the truth. My daughter likes to read Dork Diaries which is sort of like the girly version of the Wimpy Kid series. I’m just glad the kids are reading. I guess I can’t expect to get them to read Atlas Shrugged…yet.

5.) On a completely unrelated topic…my son received some prism glasses on the field trip today. He informed me a few moments ago while he was wearing them that he was going to the bathroom to see how his pee looks. Now I’m being told it looked like a rainbow. This has been an Asha Special Report. You’re welcome.


  1. I almost thought we weren't gonna get a Fantastic Friday Five'm so excited that Milan met her cookie goal!...That's a lot of damn cookies...Hope everyone is feeling better this weekend and you get some rest as well...

    PS I may steal idea for a blog next week :)

  2. @Katie Steal away, friend. I don't mind. BTW, I can't seem to comment on your blog. What's up with that?

  3. I fixed it...I have no clue how it got set to 'Do not allow Comments'...That's the funnest freakin part!

  4. Wow! Kids sick, you sick...y'all just need to get the fuck over it already! =)

    Glad you updated us on Milan's cookie goal. I thought of her one night (when your hubby was home) when we made a trip to Walmart and there were Girl Scouts sitting out front. Yay Milan!

    Prism glasses? What kind of field trip was this? I'm pretty sure that I was never on a field trip remotely cool enough to require prism glasses! =) I was robbed as a child!!!

  5. 1. There's something going around again. Some lady came in wearing a face mask today. I'd be on the look out for Viral Plague. Kids always catch it first so they can spread it with love. And toys.

    2. Congratulations to your daughter. If she had been in my area I would have purchased my twelve (don't repeat that number to anyone!) boxes of girl scout cookies from her. But she succeeded even without my measly boxes. You go, girl!

    3. I don't believe in credit cards.

    4. Master Plo Koon also loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But we don't take him to see them. His dad does that because...we prefer dodging that bullet. I've read a couple of them though (when reading material was scarce. I don't go around reading children's books. I swear. Except Twilight.) and I find them interesting. And you're right. Reading anything is better than nothing. Except Playboy. That totally doesn't count for anything.

    5. As a girl, I lack the equipment to pee in stream that reflects enough light to be captured by the prism glasses. Therefore I can't test this myself. This is the closest I've ever come to wishing I was a boy. (Not counting that first day of puberty because that wasn't fair.)

  6. @Katie I thought maybe I was banned or something.
    @Jewell It was called Starbase and it was awesome science day camp sort of thing. They did experiments. He even created something on the computer and then made it on a 3-D printer. I was deprived too as a child.

  7. @Chanel 1.) Great! A zombie plague! Just what I need. 3.) I assure you, they exist. lol 5.) I would love to master the art of peeing while standing (and it not running down my leg).

  8. I could never ban're my #1 follower...duh

  9. Rainbow pee. Awesome. I am tempted to go out and get those glasses.

  10. A while back some feminist group marketed a contraption a woman could use (attach?) so she could pee at a urinal. I'm not sure of the logic (having to sit is sexist) but I know it would freak the shit out of me if one was using the urinal next to me.

  11. Doug is right. There ARE these silly, god awful things that women can use to pee standing up. But I don't want to buy one just to have rainbow pee.

  12. @Katie Alright! I'm #1!!
    @Doug The only way I think something like that would come in handy would be if I were primitive camping. I hate popping a squat!
    @Chanel Buy the glasses and turn your sprinkler on...problem solved. ;)


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