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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Day at LETRA

Today we took the kids out to Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area (LETRA).  It was beautiful but freaking AFRICA hot.  I think at it's hottest, it was107 degrees.  My skin was melting off.
The only reason we went out there was because my husband's company decided to have a picnic.  It was nice to see Mt. Scott from LETRA instead of our usual view of LETRA from Mt. Scott.
View of Mt. Scott from Lake Elmer Thomas
The company rented the party cabin complete with a/c (thank goodness).  It was a welcoming experience after being out in the heat.

The party cabin
We had never been to the lake before so we did not know what to expect.  We should have brought our bathing suits.  There was a beach area were you could swim in the lake as well as a water slide.  Too bad my son had to head out to OKC for a boy scout camping trip later that afternoon. 
The beach

The water slide
We took the kids in the paddle boats which they enjoyed.  Of course, Nick and I did all the work.  On the way back, Nick informed me that we should have thought about the "going back" part before we went out as far as we did.

The family
All squints and smiles
We had to follow the rules...EVERYONE had to wear a life vest.
The husband
We should have pushed him

Gabe wanted to put his feet in the water.  I told him there were schools of piranhas in the lake.  So he decided he was going to put his feet ON the water.  That didn't last too long.
IN the water

ON the water
The boy child was also fascinated by everything that floated past us.  He'd pick it up and display it for all to see.  Sometimes he would throw it at his sister, who would nearly fall into the lake.
One such specimen
 We knew it was time to head back to land when she started acting miserable.
Who knows what she was crying about?  Maybe it was sun stroke.

Thanks, John Cena, for this one.  Your "coolness" has managed to ruin nearly every one of his pictures.  "You can't see me."  STFU!

We also played a few holes of putt-putt but it was just too damn hot.  We played holes 1-4 and then skipped over to 16 and played through 18.  The kids didn't even complain about the short game.  Maybe we will go back and try again when it snows.
She cheated...often
He did too.
 After that strenuous game of putt-putt we needed to soak up some glorious a/c which we did in the party cabin which was very "rustic".  There were tables and chairs that had the appearance of being made by hand.  Animal heads and other taxidermed monstrosities decorated the walls (and I use the term "decorated" VERY loosely).  I could not bring myself to photograph them...although I regret not taking a picture of the buffalo complete with braided goatee.  :(

The girl child soaking in the a/c

Wrapping up the afternoon, we waited for the husband to finish his cigarette so that we could head to our final destination of dropping of the boy child. He was going camping on a baseball field in OKC with his boy scout pack. So we are down to just one child this weekend at least until tomorrow morning.
She went up and down the steps...informing us how BORED she was.
Me and my baby girl

My guys...chill-axing

Needless to say, we all survived the heat.  The weather here baffles me.  Even at six and seven o'clock in the evening it still manages to be 105 freaking degrees.  I am looking forward VERY MUCH to fall and winter.  The thought of being able to use my fireplace again is enough to make me do a little happy dance around my living room.  *sigh*

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