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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back To School Bliss

Ten more days until school starts! *shimmy shimmy happy dance*

I’ve grown tired listening to arguments between the children. One of the latest went something like this:

My son kicks my daughter in the butt. “Your butt jiggles.” he says.

“Your butt is stupid!” yells my daughter.

“Your face!”

“I hate your face!” she screams like a banshee and slams her bedroom door in his face.

It’s little love filled interactions like these that make up my day. Can’t you just feel the love? Periodically, I have to check eBay and Craigslist just to check to make sure neither of them put the other up for sale. On the upside, they’ll have many humorous stories to tell at family get-togethers once they are grown and out of my house. *Remember that time when you…* Ah, good times!  Good times!

On a lighter note, I have finished all of the back to school clothes shopping for the kids. They will be styling and profiling! Check them out!

Her most favorite shirt
Every little girl loves Hannah!
Skinny-mini in her skinny jeans.

Typical, love, LOVES trying on clothes

She's a little diva!

Always striking a pose!

Pure cuteness

The boy is ready to get some school on!
The jeans were too tight so he was sucking in his gut.
I just don't ask anymore...
His John Cena move...
What can I say?  The boy is special.
Don't tell him I told you but he enjoyed trying on clothes too.

He knows he's cute.

As you can see my babies, errr, big kids...are ready to start another year of school.  But no one in our house is more excited than me.  Hell, I'll be like the Home Alone kid once they leave on the first day.  I may even run around naked!  Don't worry...I won't post those pictures.

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  1. Beautiful family you have there. Thanks for adding my blog! I'll be reading if you'll be reading. =)


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