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Thursday, February 10, 2011

And The Award Goes To...

Now is the time for more awards. I have a few to dish out today. I know you guys look forward to this. The first award is the Life is Good award that Kamilla over at Basket of Dreams has given me to me. Of course, I have to share it with some other folks but that’s ok. I’m not selfish.

In receiving this award I have to:

1.) Thank and put a link back to the person who so kindly gave this award.
2.) Share a few things about yourself.
3.) Pass the award onto some other bloggers you deem deserving.
4.) Inform these said bloggers that they have received the award.

I hate rules and out of respect for Kamilla I will follow them but to the recipients of this award I relinquish you from all of the above rules. If you want to pass it on, great! If you want to forget I ever gave it to you, that is fine too. Well, let’s get to it. Shall we?

1.) I love to throw maraschino cherries into my mixed drinks so that when I’ve had enough to drink I can munch liquor soaked cherries.

2.) I loathe laundry and it seems like a never ending process.

3.) I am very close to paying the truck off so suck it, Chrysler Financial!

4.) My favorite thing to do is read.

5.) Floral scented candles and lotions make my nose itch something fierce.

6.) I’m a total pussy at the dentist. I still require nitrous to keep myself from having a panic attack as sharp objects come towards my face.

7.) I love cheesy zombie movies…the cheesier the better.

8.) I am so over all this snow.

9.) I’ve been a nail biter for as long as I can remember.

10.) I enjoy cooking very much and I’m usually good at it except when almond milk is involved.

Now I bestow the Life is Good award on the following four people…

Tanya at A Taste of T

She's rocking her baby belly and is extremely clever. I think I’ll keep reading.
Canela at From My Home And Heart

I’ve known her since high school and she’s always been quick witted and fun to be around.

Debbie at No Filter Mom

She’s proof that 40 is the new 30 and she’s really good about keeping me up to date on various blog hops.
Nic at Life Reassembled

She’s coming down with the flu and could use some cheering up (and Nyquil).
 Now on to the awards I know you knuckleheads have been looking forward to all week. I’ve got three this time.

The first one goes to Mother Teresa (or MT as I tend to refer to her) at The Rain In Spain... Each Friday she photographs something in her home EXTREMELY close up and asks her readers to guess what it is. Each week I rack my brain to try to figure out what the hell it is. So to MT, I’d like to give the Photo Capture Award.

Next, I’d like to give an award to the one and only Atypical Scott at Atypical Read (not to be confused with Bryan because that would be silly). He keeps me thinking and has a tendency to make me feel slightly stupid. So let me put on my dunce cap so I can give Scotty boy his award.

Last but certainly not least is my new buddy, Jewell at Really?! Wait! What? She’s a fun one and finds some of the craziest headlines.

So there you have it, this week’s awards. Be sure to check out these folks because I like them and you may as well. Stayed tuned tomorrow for another Fantastic Friday Five.


  1. I'm SOOOO honored!!! Thanks so much. I am the SAME way with the dentist and need to find one here in Austin that does that or has a bar. Either way, I'm not going in sober.

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  2. This award has undergone a metamorphosis since I got it. CLICK HERE OR REGRET IT FOREVER! Also, I hate to tell you. I already passed it on to Scott back then. He might get violent if he finds out that he has to go through it all again.

    Anyhow, yes, Chrysler Financial can certainly suck it (I don't know why. I'm sure they're lovely people.) I am also a pussy about going to the Dentist. Give me the gas or knock me out or smack me in the back of the head with a giant mallet or something. I have never seen a "cheesy" zombie movie. Sounds like something Doug would be into.

  3. I'm your newest follower! I'd love for you to stop by and follow me back! Thank you! (:


  4. Wait! I see it's a different award. Disregard the last transmission. Glaxnor Dot-9867 out. Peace, yo!

  5. Thanks so much for the award - and the compliment :)

  6. Luckily I held my colorful metaphor falsetto on the F sharp, when Bryan mentioned I was about to be slapped with another rainbow; but, then I clicked on his confirmation leading to another link that took me back in time to my acceptance speech. I was about to throw a lung, when I realized I needed to return back and figure out what I am to do with this here award.

    Thank you and may the farce be with you.

  7. I'm a new follower from the Thursday blog hop.

    I like to read also and cheesy zombie movies are always fun :-)

  8. lmao - rock! =) Thank you so much for thinking of me! I will take this and show it off in all it's shiny finest to my readers, and then I will dance around singing "Nahner! Nahner! Nahner!" at them as I periodically stick my tongue out at them. =) xo Muwah!

  9. Unless you whip out a wet noodle (sans almond milk) and tell me that I absolutely am forbidden I am going to share my award with someone (details in tomorrow's post)! =)

    You didn't put any rules on it so, I decided, rather than be greedy, I would share the wealth and fame you've bestowed on me! =) xo

  10. I don't do rules. You do with it whatever you'd like. I don't care if you make whomever you give it to pledge their alligance to you and give you their first born. It's your rock it out!

  11. Yeah...I don't do them either as a rule...but I decided to change things up a bit... =) Have a good night! =)

  12. Hey Asha :) New follower here! Found you from Bee friendly friday. Have a great weekend,

  13. Wow, I'm honored! Thanks Asha. This just perfect because I'm about to go hunting for the object of my next contest. So, as soon as I figure out what to post, because even I don't know what the thing will be this week, I'll put up my award.

  14. Nyahahaha.. I'm flattered you go all way through to follow the rules for me..!! Hahahaha!! Thank you that you appreciate my award for you and congratulations to those you bestowed it upon!!!

    And hey another set of unique awards!! Nice one Asha!


  15. Well done on your award! Great post to go with it. I'm a nail biter too, and you have just reminded me that I needed to do a load of laundry today and have forgotten. Got carried away in blog land, as usual!!

    Have a great weekend, CJ xx

  16. You loathe laundry? Really? I loathe laundry! Wow. We should be bff's forever.

  17. I am your new follower. You can follow me back at Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.

    Have a great weekend

  18. I'm your newest follower from Social Parade Blog Hop. If you get a minute please drop in and follow back and feel free to enter some giveaways.

    Have a super weekend,


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