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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fantastic Friday Five #3

Happy freaking Friday, everyone!  It's time for another Fantastic Friday Five where I post five thing that I don't feel weigh enough substance to create an entire post on their own.  Basically, it's whatever I feel like...gosh!

1.)  I recently found out that my husband will be getting leave in March!  So the first two weeks of March, he will be here for all the sexual healing I've been needing since...October.  I know!  Right?  When I was younger I thought for sure once I was married there would NEVER be a lull in getting it on.  ::rolls eyes::  I was an idiot.

2.)  The kids actually went to school today!!!  I felt like the kid from Home Alone again...and I considered getting my Risky Business dance on.

3.)  Six pounds have been shed from somewhere on my body.  I have no freaking clue where.  I still feel like fatty fat fat but the scale says there is progress.  Maybe I broke it...

4.)  The forecast is showing signs of spring.  It's about damn time!  This week coming looks like I may get to enjoy some weather in the lower 70s.  I may take the kids to the mountains for a picnic and some hiking.
5.)  It's Girl Scout cookie time!!  Guess those 6 lbs. will be making an appearance again.  My daughter wants to sell 600 boxes. I don't think she really understands exactly how many that is.  I told her she better be ready to hussle!

Okay.  There you have wasted post for the week. 


  1. I found your blog via Atypical Scott, and I just love it!
    Enjoy your hubby's leave (pft, like I needed to say that). My hubby is retired Army and I still remember how special those times were!

  2. 1 - Woo hoo...some horizontal tango in your near future! YESSSS! =) Congrats! (We were all idiots when we were younger so don't feel bad!)

    4 - Sooo glad I'm not the only one who's looking forward to the AWESOME weather this coming week! =) *spastic happy dance*

    Rock the weekend my friend! =)

  3. Someone else mentioned Atkins the other day. Is that making a come back? I remember when places were selling "doughless" pizza, which was basically just toppings in a bowl. Those were crazy times.

    By the way, that "label madness" is really something when you try to read it as one long sentence. I think I have a nosebleed now.

  4. @Bryan I am a loser (not in a good way) when it comes to diets and excercising so I need immediate results. I usually see weight drop within two weeks as long as I don't fuck up on Atkins. I've learned everything can be made into a included. lol
    Label madness is perfectly named because it will drive you mad...and you may end up in Wonderland in time for tea.

  5. I heard overdosing on ExLax helps with weight loss. Probably not very pleasant, but instant results.

    I'm here to help :)

  6. Woooh hubby is coming home!! Happy for you! And I'm happy your shedding pounds.. I hope I could say that too.. that I don't know how it happened.. all I know is I'm gaining every week... my power diet is water. lol.


    Hey your girl is a much for the cookie..? But I remember Im on water diet.. and I always forgot after munching thousands of calories.

  7. 70 - I'm jealous. We'll be lucky if we nudge 50 by Monday. Enjoy the warmer weather :)

  8. Married reality is a witch sometimes. Hi, I'm your newest follower from the blog hop. Sorry to hear your husband will be leaving, but I'm grateful for his servie. Hope you'll come visit and follow my blog too. I'd like being friends.

  9. @Doug I'll end up with a permanent ass ring from sitting on the toilet that long. SO not pleasant!
    @Kamil Cookies are running $3.50 a box this year. Pricey but yummy!

  10. Random fact that I just learned from watching a biography on Macaulay Culkin (sorry this is a tangent, but you saying how you felt like the kid in Home Alone reminded me of this):

    Did you know that Kevin McCallister's cousin, the one who pees the bed, is Macaulay's brother in real life? Isn't that insane?! Real life brothers playing cousins onscreen!!

  11. I know what you mean about seeing the lower number on the scale but still feeling like a fat fatty. I recently lost a few lbs but i'm like 'from where?'.

    i found you via some hop i just forgot the name of! ha. oh strut your stuff saturday.

    have a great weekend.

  12. Low 70's Lucky I'd pay Mother Nature for Low 60s right now!

  13. Following from sunny saturday.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my Sunday hop! Cute blog, following you now!!

  15. Hi, I followed you on google friends from I hope you follow me back. Thanks : )


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