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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hasta La Vista, Buddy!

Are we all comfortable now? Good!

Lately, I’ve been holding my breath because someone important to me has been feeling less than comfortable. I’ve mentioned before that I am separated from the one I love and also that Buddy has been living with us. It was an arrangement my husband and I made with him prior to Husband’s trek across the planet.

My husband has made it clear that he is no longer comfortable with Buddy’s presence. What took him this long, I’m not sure. Husband also brought to my attention that the thought of me drinking with Buddy wasn’t something he felt keen about either. So, I haven’t had a drink in over a month.
Back story…

My husband got Buddy a job working for his company and offered for him to rent our front room. Shortly after, my husband got a better contract working out of Afghanistan leaving Buddy in the company of the kids and myself. Understand, coming from an uber jealous person, I would have NEVER allowed this to happen…EVER! My husband on the other hand has never had the need to be jealous. Lucky him, right?

I informed my dear that never again will I agree to allow anyone to move in with us. He feels that Buddy has outstayed his welcome. I reminded him of the original agreement…it would take roughly 6 to 7 months for Buddy to get his shit together. Later, he told Buddy he had until the end of January to move out. When Buddy asked me to ask Husband about storing his bike in our garage, I did and Husband lost his mind.
Thankfully, Buddy is officially moved out and my conversations with the husband no longer need to consist of me playing the mediator of this craziness. Oh, happy day! I’m getting sippy tonight and I probably should have written this before I started downing the Bacardi.


  1. Asha...well that definitely sounds like a heavy stress happily shed! I'm guessing that congrats are in order, and that you and hubby can find some kind of new normal? *hugs* Oh! Have a sip for me! =) xo

  2. You know it! Here's where I'll take a bow.

  3. and the best part is the little, appropriate amazon ad sitting there in the corner.

    good story, girl.

  4. Blog hopping today and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.

    I also do a weekend blog hop, you can link up on open every Friday-Sunday!

  5. might want to watch how far you...*thud* bow over! *hands you a pillow and a blanket* Sweet dreams! *wink* =)

  6. Well, glad to hear that Buddy finally shipped out...more peace of mind to you all. Enjoy the Bacardi!

  7. Don't ever apologize for taking a drink or two before sitting down to blog. In fact, make it a habit. Or at least do it once. It would be interesting to see what spews forth from a completely trashed Asha.

  8. I wondered what happened to my spaghetti strainer.

  9. @Jewell I'll try to be careful.
    @Jill I love when something wacky pops up.
    @Doug That is definetely an idea. I'll probably have to close one eye just to see straight.

  10. Congrats? I think. My life is usually easier if I just don't worry about what my husband thinks. Works well for me. Not sure about him.

    I'm your newest follower.


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