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Monday, September 6, 2010

Approved by the Bank of Paw-Paw

Looks like my mother-in-law found a new bank...the bank of Paw-Paw.  I've borrowed from that establishment before.  They have really low interest rates.  ;)

When I spoke to my husband's grandfather about a month ago, he told me that a few months prior he had loaned money to the mother-in-law for clothes for my husband's grandmother's funeral.  He was very adamant that everyone should show up looking nice.  He informed me that he still had not been repaid months later.

My husband said when he talked to his grandfather today, his grandfather told him that he loaned my mother-in-law $500 (hmmmmm...she only asked us for $300).  He also told my husband that he had her sign a promissory note stating she would pay him $100 a month until it was paid off and if she neglected to do so she would be removed from the will.


Honestly, I'm glad she found someone (else) to loan her the money.  She should be moving into her new place soon which she is really excited about.  I'm happy for her.

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