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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wicked Weather

Thursday night I headed to the kids' school for one of those beginning of the year open houses.  Normally, parents are bombarded with papers and handouts but not this year.  We were informed that due to cutbacks we would have to sit through a PowerPoint presentation representing the school covering key points like contact information, meal prices, dismissal information, etc etc etc...basically everything in the school handbook given out when you enroll your child.  They encouraged us to take notes. 

Afterwards you went to each child's individual classroom to get more information from the teacher.  The teacher went over the daily schedule, the grading scales, and the basic syllabus for the year.  It's all the same stuff just a different teacher explaining it to you. 

My son acted an ass the whole time and after numerous warnings I told him to just go to his room and go to bed when we got home.  By the time I got back home it was after 7pm.  It was a good thing we got home when we did.  Shortly after the sky cracked open and let the ground have it.  The tornado sirens were going off and you could hear the neighborhood dogs freaking out.

I told the kids to be prepared to go into the bathroom if needed.  My son can be quite a smart ass.  He asked if he had to stay in his room since he was punished.  I told him I was going to make him stand outside.

In the end we didn't see any tornadoes which is a good thing but the earth got some much needed and welcomed rain.  Since all that wicked weather we've had some glorious temperatures in the mid 70s accompanied by a cool breeze.  It a small reminder that autumn is coming.  My fireplace is calling my name.  C'mon cold weather!!

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