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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Waiting For It

So, I’m finishing the 4th season of Dexter tonight. YAY! I've been waiting since the weekend for the last disc to come in the mail. Netflix is the bomb-diggity! I knew after the third disc the season was coming to a boil. It was becoming more and more edge of your seat awesome. However, I was disappointed to discover that the fourth disc only has one episode on it. It pisses me off I waited three days for one damn episode. I feel like someone is screwing with me.

This is why I hate watching things as they as they come on TV week to week. It’s the week to week wait that makes me insane! Thank you technology for spoiling me and making me all the more impatient. Now after I watch this episode, I get to…you guessed it…WAIT once again for season 5 which is scheduled to premiere on Showtime at the end of September to release on DVD. I hate, no, loathe the wait.

By the way, I love the title sequence!  Breakfast never looked so violent.  ;)  It's one of the best title sequences I have ever seen...sometimes I actually hate to fast forward it.  The only other title sequence that can even hold a candle to it is True Blood.

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