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Friday, September 17, 2010

Not Much To Report

Another day, another call from my son's teacher...

What the hell am I going to do with him?  Mrs. T said he has missed a few homework assignments.'s like fourth grade all over again!

To back open house she said that they rarely give work designated for at home.  Instead, the students are required to finish any work they fail to complete in class at home.  Easy enough, right?  Apparently, this goes over my son's head.  For the past few weeks he's been coming home with next to nothing in his backpack, telling me he finished it in class.

So now, Mrs. T and I are requiring him to have his planner initialed by each of us everyday.  This is the sort of shit I was hoping he would be done with at this point.  He is so much like my husband used to be...does just enough to get by no matter what his potential is.  It's enough to make me want to shake the snot of him.  Is shaken baby syndrome still relevant for a 5th grader?  Would it be shaken pre-teen syndrome?  They tell you not to shake your babies but I've never heard anyone say don't shake your almost middle schooler.  I'd like to announce my advocacy to this subject matter.   Maybe it would rattle some sense into his know, activate his "school is more important than my xbox" receptor.

Kids!  Can't live with them...can't sell them on the black market.  You know, when I was young and stupid I wanted five kids.  Now I have two and I'm glad I'm one of those people that rarely finish what I start.  Hooray for procrastination (and birth control)!

In other news...

Lately, I've been watching that show, Hoarders, on A&E.  I purged the file cabinet of useless, outdated papers all while watching an episode.  Does that make me bulimic?

I've been making the kids go through their rooms and bring me things that they don't use or want.  Some things are being posted on eBay and some things are being posted on my local freecycle group.  What ever is left is going to Goodwill.

My summer time guilty pleasure, Big Brother, has ended.  It's a sick and ugly addiction, I know.  Many times I thought my family would stage an intervention but I guess they just don't love me enough.  It probably doesn't help that half of my family is addicted too.  We need family rehab.  After such a lousy season maybe CBS will not bring it back for a 13th season (yes, I fucking said 13...I'm as shocked as you are).  If that happens we can all quit cold turkey.

The best news of the husband got his first paycheck from the new job.  I was able to catch up on all of the bills and still had money left over.  No worries!  I love it.

Any ho-ha...

As the title says, "not much to report"...hopefully, I'll have more to share soon.  Don't
miss me too much.

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