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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Progress Reports and Perplexing Punishments

Progress reports came home today. I wish I could be excited but instead I’m flustered. My son is in danger of failing reading while my daughter is in danger of failing spelling. Any one who knows my son knows he is a great reader…always has been. He’s also extremely articulate. I suppose that’s why it is so damn frustrating. As for my daughter, I think her problem can be remedied with more drilling as passing a spelling test is basically just a form of memorization.

Weeks ago I warned both of my children that should progress reports come home and either of them were in danger of failing there would be repercussions. Those consequences are as follows:
1.) Homework must be done immediately upon returning from school. This includes studying. (Neither this one or #2 are really new but they go hand in hand with the others.)

2.) Chores must be executed following homework.

3.) There will be no access to TV, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP, or the computer on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

4.) Lastly, only after homework and chores are completed and approved will playtime with friends be allowed.

My kids were already used to #1 and #2 and for the most part #4. The third rule was unfathomable to them! You seriously would have thought I threatened to amputate an arm without anesthesia the way they whined and carried on. It was sad. My daughter was cutting deals like crazy. She was ready to not play with anyone all week long just please, please let her watch her idiot box!
Now we wait until report cards and see if there is an improvement. Let’s hope so.

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